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Float Notes

Details about trips and logistics, if you don't see what you need here please call us!

We love talking about river trips!      800-648-0628

What's included?

  • Professional guides and all safety equipment

  • Scenic air shuttle to the put- in and transport back to your vehicle in Green River at the end of the trip

  • All meals from Lunch Day 1 to Lunch on the last day

  • Comfy camping equipment and dry bags


Prior to the trip:

Guests will receive emails with Passenger information forms (medical, dietary and misc.), liability forms. We will also gather information about your travel plans, including where you will be staying so that we can pick you up the day of launch.


Day of launch schedule:

You will be picked up by the Apakoa Rivers shuttle van at your lodging in Green River, UT around 6:15 am (specific pick up time will be emailed to you close to the trip).  The shuttle with take you to the Green River Municipal Airport to board your scenic flight to the put in.

Parking in Green river

Most hotels in Green River will allow you to leave your vehicle parked on their property if you notify them ahead of time. 


Hotels in Green River

River Terrace 435-564-3401  

Comfort Inn and Suites 435-564 -3300 

First Choice Inn 435-564 -4439 

Super 8 435-564 -8888 

Motel 6 435-564 -3436 

Sleepy Hollow Inn 435-564 -8189 


Restaurants in Green River

Rays Tavern 435-564-3511 

Tamarisk Restaurant 435-564-8109 


Things to do around Green River

John Wesley Powell Museum 435-564-3427 

Goblin Valley State Park 435-275-4584 

Green River State Park 435-564-3633 

The Buckhorn Wash Ancient Petroglyphs 435-636-3600 


Sample Itinerary

Below is a sample itinerary of what our day to day will look like on our river trip down  Desolation and Gray Canyons, keep in mind each trip is unique and this is just an  example to give you an idea of what to expect. 

The Desolation Canyon trip starts near Myton, UT at Sand Wash Boat Ramp and  finishes 84 miles later at Swasey’s Boat Ramp near Green River, UT. The trip travels  through the recently designated Wild and Scenic Desolation Canyon and Gray Canyon,  which is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The river left (eastern  side) is part of the Uintah and Ouray Reservation.  

Within a few miles of the put-in the walls begin to soar upward and we are drawn  into the magic and beauty of the canyon. No previous rafting experience is required to  safely enjoy the whitewater on this trip and we will experience a mix of calm water  and 60 rapids -Class II (beginner) and Class III (intermediate level). We will also have  the opportunity to view evidence of ancient peoples lives in the canyon as well as more  modern explorers and entrepreneurs, on hikes and at some of our riverside camps.  

Day 1: Our trip begins with a scenic flight to the put in that allows a bird’s eye view of  the river. You will be met by your guides at the landing strip and then you’re off on  your first hike of the trip - a short and pretty 1 ½ mile walk down to the river 

Once at the river the Trip Leader will give a detailed safety talk and we will meet with  the rangers to hear more about the special wilderness we’ll be in for the next  week. Everyone will be fitted into your PFD (persona floatation device) and we’ll be  ready to push off into the current. 

The first day takes us through calm water and gradually rising canyon  walls. Depending on conditions and water levels we may utilize the motor this day to  cover some mileage. We’ll either stop riverside for a yummy lunch or enjoy a floating  feast on a barge of boats. In the late afternoon we’ll make our first camp of the trip - as we choose our camp spot each day we’re lucky no matter where we pull the boats  to shore because all of the camps are beautiful. We’ll get the boats unloaded and set  up our home for the evening. Then relax and take in the evening colors on the canyon  walls while enjoying delicious appetizers, dinner and desert cooked by the guides. Or  read a book, take a short walk or visit around the campfire (if permitted, depending on  season). Sleep under the stars or in your tent and wake up refreshed and ready for fun  in the day ahead. 

Day 2 and beyond: On the river we wake up with the birds, the sound of the river and  the sun starting to shine on the canyon walls above us. The guides prepare coffee and  hot water for tea or hot chocolate and begin cooking breakfast. When you hear the  “Coffffeeeeee!” call – hot drinks are ready and breakfast won’t be far behind. 

Downriver we’ll go – stopping for hikes to see petroglyph panels, outlaw hideouts and  turn of the century ranches. Wildlife sightings are possible - bighorn sheep, lizards,  deer, bison and many other fauna call Desolation Canyon home. Depending on the trip  the types of boats will vary, all trips will have large oar boats captained by our that  carry our gear and have room for passengers but you will have the option of trying out  an inflatable kayak if you feeling like being a little closer to the water. 

In the afternoon we’ll make camp again and the rhythm will continue for the rest of our  trip. 

Take out day (actual day depends on length of trip): On our last day on the river we will  generally get to the take -out at Swasey’s Beach just outside of the town of Green  River, UT about early afternoon. Here you will gather your belongings and we will all  say our farewells and a shuttle will take you back to your vehicles.




Types of boats:

You will have the option of a few different types of boats depending on the trip and  conditions. There will always be large oar powered gear boats which are maneuvered  by a guide who sits in the center of the raft, leaving you to relax and enjoy the ride.  Other options include: one or two man duckies (inflatable kayaks) or stand-up  paddleboards (SUPs) where you pick up a paddle and run the rapids yourself. Duckies  and SUPs are brought along as conditions permit for use of the whole group. If you  choose to take a duckie or SUP you must follow the directions of the Apakoa guides at  all times. Guides will make the call whether duckies or SUPs are permitted to run  certain rapids while on the river.


Guest essential requirements:

We are passionate about sharing rivers and wilderness trips with all kinds of people  and are happy to accommodate a wide range of physical challenges, medical  conditions and dietary restrictions. However, it is important that you consider and  disclose any medical or health condition that could potentially endanger yourself, or  others or compromise the safety and enjoyment of everyone on the trip. Our river trips  are active participation trips in remote settings. Our aim is to minimize the risks  associated with wilderness travel, however environmental exposure and the physical  demands of the trip can exacerbate pre-existing conditions. If you have any questions  about the requirements below, or your ability to safely and enjoyably participate in a  trip please contact us.  

1. Must be able to fit our USCG approved Type 5 PFD, maximum chest size of 56”  and minimum weight of 50 pounds as required by the National Park Service. If  you are unsure/ do not meet these parameters, please call us! 

2. Must be able to maintain balance and hold onto raft with one hand in  whitewater. Ropes and handholds provided at multiple points in raft to hold  onto. 

3. Must be able to board and climb of out of the raft at shore several times per day.  This entails maneuvering over the tubes of the raft and/or equipment. 4. Must be able to navigate safely in uneven, possibly wet terrain, rocks, varied  vegetation, and sand, and around cliffs and/or exposed areas. 

5. Must be able to follow verbal and non-verbal instructions given by guides at all  times. 

6. Must be able to participate in your own rescue in the water primarily by  swimming back to the boat or to shore. 

7. Must be able to tolerate varied weather and temperature exposure, from  (spring/fall) 30 degrees to 115 degress. 

8. Must be able to tolerate exposure to cold (approximately 50 degree) water. 9. Must be able to carry your personal gear around camp, approximately 20 -25  pounds, or be assisted by a friend or family member. 

10. Must be able to manage your own personal care or be assisted by a friend or  family member. 

11. Must be able to manage your personal medication/health management regimen  yourself or be assisted by a friend or family member. 

If you do not meet the above requirements you will not be able to participate in a  trip as these requirements are in place for your own personal safety and the safety  of all participants. None of these requirements are meant to discriminate on the  basis of any physical or mental disability, and are applied to all potential trip  participants, irrespective of the presence or absence of any disability. 



Medical and liability forms:

When you make your reservation, you will receive an email with two forms to be  completed – the liability waiver and a medical and dietary questionnaire. Please be  honest in your completion of the questionnaire so that we are aware of health  conditions you may have. Additionally, please inform us of any dietary needs at least 2  weeks prior to the trip so that we can prepare.  

We recommend that you bring extra doses of certain medications (such as insulin)  when traveling in the wilderness. Please contact us with questions. 


Staying hydrated:

Drinking water will be available at all times during your trip and we encourage you to  stay hydrated! Drink mixes such as lemonade and electrolyte mixes such as Gatorade  will also be available. Coffee, tea and hot chocolate are provided with breakfast.  

Complimentary wine or beer will be provided with dinner for guests over 21 years of age. You  may bring your own alcoholic beverages, if so please avoid glass containers. Drinking of alcohol is only permitted in camp.  Please  drink responsibly! 

If you enjoy soda please bring your favorite kind as we do not pack soda on our trips. 



We will teach you all the right ways to take care of your hygiene needs in the  wilderness. 

Some key components are: 

• Hand washing – we will have hand washing stations set up at lunch, in camp  and by the groover (more to come on that) and always have hand sanitizer  available in between. Frequent and thorough hand washing is the best way to  stop the spread of germs. 

• Urination – while on your trip you should pee directly into the river (not on  shore) or into a specially designated “sunshine” bucket (it will be yellow). The  environment is too dry to wash away urine on land and it causes odors. 

• Number #2 – in camp your guides will set up a groover ( a watertight box for  solid waste) in a private location. A “sunshine” bucket and hand wash station  will also be provided. Your guides will discuss the details of the groover at the  first camp. For toilet needs during the day ask a guide for the “day groover”.

All camping gear for your trip is provided by Apakoa! Our sleep kit includes: Comfy 3”  thick inflatable sleeping pads, 2-man tents with ground tarp, freshly laundered  sleeping bag, sheet and travel pillow. 

If you wish to bring your own camping gear, please let us know. 


Environmental protection:

Desolation Canyon is a beautiful and fragile place and we pride ourselves on  minimizing our impact so that it can be enjoyed in its natural state by all visitors  present and future. Once at the river your guides will teach you about how to travel in  a way that minimizes impact. But here are some simple strategies to start your  education: 

• Historic site visitation: Look and enjoy but do NOT touch! The oils in our hands  cause rapid deterioration of rock art. Removing items (artifacts, rocks) is illegal  and diminishes the site for future visitors. 

• Walls and structures are fragile. Leaning or touching could lead to injury and/or  damage to the structure. 

• All trash and recyclables, including microtrash and food waste must be carried  out in appropriate receptables. Please help us leave the canyon better than we  found it by being mindful of trash. 

• Hiking off-trail is very destructive to the fragile desert ecosystem, take care to  stay on established trails. 



How to be a good desert dweller:

For the length of your trip you will be living in a desert environment. It is beautiful and  unique and it requires thoughtfulness so that it is enjoyable. 

• Stay hydrated – The temperatures in the summer highs average 75 – 90’s and it  is dry, so you need to drink more than you would usually drink at home. We  provide drink mixes (lemonade, Gatorade) and always have water available so  you can refill your bottle. 

• Protect yourself from the sun- Sunblock, long sleeves and sun hats are all  important for your trip. A sarong or bandana can be dipped in the water and  draped over you to create a personal swamp cooler.  

• Shoes are important – you will encounter rocks, cactus and sticks in your  camps, shoes keep your feet safe from injury.

• Not feeling right? Or one of your companions seems off? – Please let your  guides know, they are experienced at safe and happy travel in hot and dry  environments and are there to help 


What should I pack?

It can be daunting packing for a multi-day river trip in the wilderness (where there's no  stores to run out to for that one thing that was forgotten). Think of these wise words  from Anna Walker and don't stress too much - " When you are adrift at last, give  thanks to the fates. No matter what you've forgotten, everything you need is here." We  hope this list will help you decide what will allow you to best prepared, and if you have  questions just give us a call.  

• Everything you are bringing needs to total 20 pounds or less due to Redtail  Aviation (your air shuttle to put-in) regulations. 

• We recommend packing your items in: a small (12” x 22” or smaller) collapsible  duffel bag or pillowcase or laundry bag so that they will easily fit in your dry bag  (provided, see below) 

** Please be advised that Apakoa Rivers will not be held responsible for valuables  (such as electronics) or any items brought on the river. Please consider leaving  expensive, difficult to replace items at home and/or obtaining insurance for such  items** 

A printable suggested packing checklist is attached to this email. 



Cancelation and refund policy:

We begin planning and preparing our trips far in advance of launch day, incurring costs  and turning others away from spots as they are reserved. It is often impossible to re fill canceled spots prior to trip departure. As such our cancellation policy applies in all  instances, regardless of why or when you have need to cancel your trip. We strongly suggest trip insurance and medical evacuation insurance to protect you  against unexpected expenses.  

Our cancellation and refund policy is as follows: 

In the unlikely event that a trip is cancelled by Apakoa Rivers - all funds will be  refunded. 

If cancellation 91 days or greater prior to trip - all funds refunded less $50 processing  charge per person OR all funds issued to Apakoa Rivers Gift Card for use on a future  trip in the same season, 2021. 

If cancellation between 61 and 90 days prior to trip - all funds refunded less $100  processing charge per person OR all funds issued to Apakoa Rivers Gift Card for use  on a future trip in the same season, 2021.

If cancellation 60 days or less prior to trip - all funds forfeited. 



It is customary to tip your guides if you feel their efforts have contributed to a  wonderful experience for you. A suggested amount is $20 - $30 per guest per day,  however tipping is completely optional. Tips can be given to the trip leader at the end  of the trip and will be distributed to the crew. All trips are greatly appreciated!


More questions:

Please contact us @ 800-648-0628   OR

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