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The Classic-
A 6 Day Trip

Fun for People of all ages


Length: 6 days

Distance: 84 miles

Rapids: Class II - III

Difficulty: Beginner and up

Minimum age: 5 years

Includes: Scenic flight to put-in, Professional guides, Delicious meals from Day 1 lunch to last day lunch , All equipment

Dates for 6 day: Please call for date availability

Types of boats: Rafts, inflatable kayaks and stand-up paddle boards


Why choose a river trip for your vacation?

   River trips are fun for many reasons!  One of the wonderful things about wilderness travel is that it allows families and friends (new and old) to enjoy each other without the distractions of the greater world.  


   Experienced river travelers will tell you that you'll quickly adapt to the routine of life on the river.  Wake with the sun and go to sleep next to your family under the stars, after a full day of fun on the water and exploring the wilderness together. 

     We carry a satellite communicator for emergency use, but otherwise we are electronic free on the river.  We pack games and books and have lots of fun activities to keep everyone engaged.  

     We take care of the planning, cooking and logistics so that you can simply enjoy!

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