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Apakoa Rivers Silipint brand 12 oz Rocks Glass

Great for camping, Eco-friendly and Fun!

Meet the Model:  Oberon, the rescued retriever - loves water and everyone he meets, favorite river snack: carrots and anything the humans eat!

Shiny, glossy, glass-like, buffed. Whatever you call it, the 12 ounce Rocks Glass is flawless. With a sturdy, rounded out base and tapered upper walls, this cylindrical design mimics the old fashioned rocks glass but is useful for hot drinks too. The sophistication of this 12 oz Rocks Glass will do right by whiskey, margaritas and wine, as well as tea and coffee. This is an often overlooked size but a legitimate insider favorite.

Available with and without Silipint "Hippie Hops" rainbow lid

Check out all the details of what Silipint "Glassware" can do @

$18 w/ lid, $12 w/out lid

Give the gift of adventure & memories to last a lifetime!


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