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Below is a sample itinerary of what our day to day will look like on our river trip down Desolation and Gray Canyons, keep in mind each trip is unique and this is just an example to give you an idea of what to expect.

Day 1: Our trip begins with a scenic flight to the put in that allows a bird’s eye view of the river.  You will be met by your guides at the landing strip and then you’re off on your first hike of the trip - a short and pretty 1 ½ mile walk down to the river

Once at the river the Trip Leader will give a detailed safety talk and we will meet with the rangers to hear more about the special wilderness we’ll be in for the next week.  Everyone will be fitted into your PFD (persona floatation device) and we’ll be ready to push off into the current.

The first day takes us through calm water and gradually rising canyon walls.  Depending on conditions and water levels we may utilize the motor this day to cover some mileage.  We’ll either stop riverside for a yummy lunch or enjoy a floating feast on a barge of boats.  In the late afternoon we’ll make our first camp of the trip - as we choose our camp spot each day we’re lucky no matter where we pull the boats to shore because all of the camps are beautiful.  We’ll get the boats unloaded and set up our home for the evening.  Then relax and take in the evening colors on the canyon walls while enjoying delicious appetizers, dinner and desert cooked by the guides.  Or read a book, take a short walk or visit around the campfire (if permitted, depending on season). Sleep under the stars or in your tent and wake up refreshed and ready for fun in the day ahead. 

Day 2 and beyond:  On the river we wake up with the birds, the sound of the river and the sun starting to shine on the canyon walls above us.  The guides prepare coffee and hot water for tea or hot chocolate and begin cooking breakfast.  When you hear the “Coffffeeeeee!” call – hot drinks are ready and breakfast won’t be far behind. 

Downriver we’ll go – stopping for hikes to see petroglyph panels, outlaw hideouts and turn of the century ranches.  Wildlife sightings are possible - bighorn sheep, lizards, deer, bison and many other fauna call Desolation Canyon home.  Depending on the trip the types of boats will vary, all trips will have large oar boats captained by our  that carry our gear and have room for passengers  but you will have the option of trying out an inflatable kayak if you feeling like being a little closer to the water. 

In the afternoon we’ll make camp again and the rhythm will continue for the rest of our trip.

Take out day (actual day depends on length of trip): On our last day on the river we will generally get to the take -out at Swasey’s Beach just outside of the town of Green River, UT about early afternoon.  Here you will gather your belongings and we will all say our farewells and a shuttle will take you back to your vehicles. 

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