How Apakoa Rivers is navigating river trips in the time of COVID-19

Updated January 12, 2021

Greetings to you,

Hope you and your loved ones are healthy.

In this time of uncertainty our decisions are being guided by the values and standards that we hold at all times - to maintain the good health and safety of our river family and of your family.

We have protocols in place that 

Currently we are making the decision to cancel or continue with trips 30 days before the launch date.  If your trip was scheduled for May 15th for example, we will contact you on April 15th with the status of the trip.  We encourage you to contact us at any time with questions.

As always, but of particular importance during this uncertainty we strongly recommend Travel Insurance to protect you from expenses related to canceled or changed travel plans.

























































This situation is truly heart wrenching for us, as we know it is for so many others.  We are a very small business founded on the love of rivers and sharing them with others, not in a boardroom and not with deep pockets backing us. The 2020 season is our inaugural season – the start of new adventure that has much work and love behind it.  However, the health of our country, our guests and our guides is paramount and we will take all steps necessary to ensure that it is maintained.


We are in communication with the various regulatory agencies governing access to the river and public lands.  We are also keeping up to date on health risks and precautions, particularly associated with travel and group gathering. We are utilizing the most current information and research-based recommendations from the:


When we're back on the Water

In addition to being a long time guide and now company owner, I have also been an ICU nurse for 11 years and am currently working on front lines of the pandemic in the hospital. It is an interesting employment position to be in- to be able to directly help those most affected by this virus on one hand and sidelined for an undetermined time on the other.  I am so grateful to be in a position to help medically.  And I know I will be able to use my nursing skills to help provide safety for our guests and guides when we are able to return to the fun of running rivers.  

The Apakoa Rivers guides are a professional and experienced crew and we are all well versed in maintaining the utmost cleanliness and hygiene on our trips.  We take time to teach our guests how to practice good hygiene in the wilderness.  We have hand sanitizer available for use at all times, have a hand wash station at lunch and multiple hand wash stations in camp.  We wipe down all surfaces routinely and all of our guides are Certified Food Handlers.  All of our equipment, including any rental equipment is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between uses.  

Thank you

We want to sincerely thank all of you for your continued support of each other and your communities and of us!  This is a difficult situation for everyone, but we’ve been seeing a lot of examples of it bringing out the best in people.  And we’re sure we can overcome this challenge together.  

Stay healthy and we can’t wait to see you on the river!



Sarah Hammond


Apakoa Rivers LLC

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